Her Quiet Lover and Their Road

A new over-bridge was being built. Concrete and glass structures, most of them identical apartments and shopping malls, concealed from view the old, now mite bitten, carpentry shops lined along the road. The makeshift laundry shop, as luck would have it, a permanent one in the vicinity, was no more there. During the days when... Continue Reading →

Crossings and Convergence

In that world, where we were first introduced I laid my eyes on a poem The beginnings of a blue, tender. We prepared to play you in me, and I learnt Poetry is more than stroking this tapestry- Life? In this world, where beauty is in dawns never meeting Twilights And the pond the sky,... Continue Reading →

अहम् के बहाने?

कोई कला का कैदी तोह कोई कृत्य का बिच में उलझेलूल हम क्षणिक सुख की झलक क्या मिल गयी तलब पे उतर आये हम   सोचा था कि अपने बारे में कभी न बोलेंगे, पर क्या करें अल्फाज़ मुलाज़िम जो ठहरे सुर्ख आँसुओं के दबी हुयी दुखों की बुनियाद पे जिंदगी खड़ी तोह नहीं की... Continue Reading →


The eucalyptuses swayed, embraced and kissed, and swayed away. The wind blew harder and they swayed again, this time embracing each other for a longer moment before they swayed apart. On the backyard, I stood amidst the bamboos and wilderness, withdrawn from the world, my eyes following the movements of the two eucalyptuses. The wind... Continue Reading →

Epilogue to Her Fancies

In her childhood Beth often listened to her granny’s wondrous tales, as she rested on a cot under the starlit skies... “...and the fox turns into a huge gourd, it slopes down swiftly through the dense jungles to reach me...” Nine times out of ten she fell asleep before the story ended; her night a... Continue Reading →

To a John Keats of Today

  O Love,   Why’d you wait with bated breath? For your Bright Star: a glimpse, a word, a dewy-eyed kiss? The romance has gone, my friend, the winds restrained It is Love that’s lost; it is Love that we miss   No one looks up at the moon these days Neither praises the sun... Continue Reading →


ए फ़क़ीर, तू अपनी सुना अंजाम-ए-कहानी होठों पे ला   तू भी था ख़ौफ़ों और शकों की बेचैनियों में बंधा? या... सहसा, दुआओं की ऐसी भीड़ लगी लफ़्ज़ ही नीलाम हो गए अब्र-ए-मोहब्बत में   हम भी ठहरे फ़क़ीर, पर ईमान से परे कायर लफ़्ज़ न मिले तो मोहब्बत बेच दिया   कई साल बीत... Continue Reading →

Suspended in Space

(I) The night drew out on his last words. Silence, like a palm reddened in vermillion, Tenderly touched and left its print on a new leaf. It’ll die with the mark, will it not? (II) Many a winter stumbled Over the heap of results of someone else’s Perplexed senses. Questions to answers or maybe answers... Continue Reading →

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