Smit, Mawphlang and moods of a day

I don’t remember the day, but it was in 2015 - a year I had travelled much, without any plans- that I embarked on a journey to discover the countryside towards south of Shillong in the East Khasi hills. Back then Meghalaya hadn’t been explored much by tourists, and places like Dawki were only beginning... Continue Reading →

being natural, living naturally

Not long ago my husband and I visited Earth Kitchen. I hadn't stepped out of the city (or cities!) for two months and even as a child, two months was the longest duration I could stay away from nature. For me nature meant, and still means country life- hills, rivers, trees, fields, cows, dogs, birds,... Continue Reading →

age of affluence, eidolons of emotions

We saw it coming easy: the stage set, chairs laid out for millions of audience, and our fingers equipped to give us thousand shapes in seconds. There are thousand doors too, which would readily open for us, because it is no age of Aladdin’s cave of wonder; nor have we waited for our husbands to... Continue Reading →

Dreams, Demons and Frost Flowers

Colourful flowers graced her bright white nightie and she glided with an angelic aura, as she made way through the light, the brilliance of it keeping me from opening my eyes, carrying her daughter in her arms, smiling, playing, laughing, smiling again with eyes full of gratitude. “What were you like?” Like the morning star.... Continue Reading →

Her Quiet Lover and Their Road

A new over-bridge was being built. Concrete and glass structures, most of them identical apartments and shopping malls, concealed from view the old, now mite bitten, carpentry shops lined along the road. The makeshift laundry shop, as luck would have it, a permanent one in the vicinity, was no more there. During the days when... Continue Reading →

Crossings and Convergence

In that world, where we were first introduced I laid my eyes on a poem The beginnings of a blue, tender. We prepared to play you in me, and I learnt Poetry is more than stroking this tapestry- Life? In this world, where beauty is in dawns never meeting Twilights And the pond the sky,... Continue Reading →

अहम् के बहाने?

कोई कला का कैदी तोह कोई कृत्य का बिच में उलझेलूल हम क्षणिक सुख की झलक क्या मिल गयी तलब पे उतर आये हम   सोचा था कि अपने बारे में कभी न बोलेंगे, पर क्या करें अल्फाज़ मुलाज़िम जो ठहरे सुर्ख आँसुओं के दबी हुयी दुखों की बुनियाद पे जिंदगी खड़ी तोह नहीं की... Continue Reading →


The eucalyptuses swayed, embraced and kissed, and swayed away. The wind blew harder and they swayed again, this time embracing each other for a longer moment before they swayed apart. On the backyard, I stood amidst the bamboos and wilderness, withdrawn from the world, my eyes following the movements of the two eucalyptuses. The wind... Continue Reading →

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