A Lullaby and the Touch


On that platform of

Boisterous peddling, dreary banters and whining crowd

Your chuckle appeared like a lullaby,

Drifting me away to infinity

And your fingers

Spread across my palm,

Can a touch be softer than a cotton bale?

Who were you, my little darling?

Did you know me, from another time, perchance?

I was just about to bargain

But you bargained me away!


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  1 comment for “A Lullaby and the Touch

  1. Ankur
    15 Oct 2012 at 5:42 am

    Beautiful poem, and straight from the heart. I love how everything is so simple and the image is so clearly shining. Most of all, the poem tells you. Meanwhile, surely “On that platform of”?


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