The eternity of a farewell rests in their love.

Time loves Lacuna but all they say to each other is farewell. They are ever bidding farewell to each other and in farewells they exist.

Time relentlessly runs from the past to the future: past-future, past-future, past-future… The ending of one farewell is the beginning of another.

“I wish there was a present. I wish I could live our love. I wish I could see you twice. I wish I could see you twice even if in the fleeting moments.” Laments Lacuna.

“Fleeting moments? What could you ever mean by that? I never stop; a moment does not

exist. Please do not aspire to see me twice. Can a tree turn back to a sapling? Can a leaf go back to the tree once it has fallen?”

“No but…”

“But do you exist?”

“Yes! Do I?”

“You don’t.”

“You mean a farewell is never eternal?”

“Returns are never eternal.”

“How can you love me then? Why would you love me then?”

“I find my rest in you. I am tired.”

“But I do not exist.”

“In me you do not exist. Beyond me you do.”

“Yes, beyond you I do.”

“There, where you exist, nothing exists and everything that I do not find in me, I find in you.”

“Where is that?”

“Where the sea meets the sky; where the night meets the day; where the souls meet Faith.”

“Am I then freed of a past and a future?”

“Yes, you are. Don’t you know that?”

“Must not I see you through the eyes of your world?”

“No, you must look at me through the eyes of your world. We are so very apart!”

“Then farewell is what we must always say, for our love to live? If it is so, so be it! Move on my love! Let me make love with the farewells.”

Their love, thus, rests in the eternity of a farewell.

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