A note of thanks to the people close to my heart…

When you all asked me what I would like for my wedding gift, I answered that give me anything that will remind me of you and our bond forever, but you all came up with a better gift: you gave me moments and few snaps of some (thanks to Aaditya and Dinesh… Hrishi, I am still waiting for the official photographs ;)) I can never part with. The fact that you enjoyed throughout the event was so evident in your faces that it made this event the most beautiful one in my life. So here goes a publicly declared confession of my gratitude as a return gift, although I know it’s nothing in front of what you all gave me…

My first thanks would go to my Maa and Deuta, for their patience with me, for never curbing my freedom and for always believing in my decisions and choices…

Deuta, ma and me (1)

Deuta, ma and me (2)

Thank you Chayan- my friend, philosopher, guide, sibling, son and now my husband as well, who stood by me through thick and thin in the last eleven years (and some toughest ones) of my life. Thanks for allowing me such joy.

Us in 2009


Thank you Ankur, Prakash and Jai (both of you were missed at the wedding), and Aaditya (Kanna) for being there at different phases of our life and helping us, albeit unknowingly, move through some rather difficult phases. The conversations I have had with you all have helped me grow, and if Chayan and I are together now, a little credit goes to each one of you. Hope we will continue to be there for each other always.

Ankur, xin and me on 3rd
Ankur and Xin, thank you so much for this click and for travelling thousands of miles to share our joy
Aaditya and me (2)
Thank you for introducing me to simplicity, for taking the baggage of knowledge away and for making me value what really needs to be valued…


Aaditya, Chayan and me

Thanks to the bride’s sister who was in great demand throughout the occasion 😀 Love you a lot for tolerating my grumpy and grouchy moods and for handling every responsibility efficiently.



Sister, me and husband





Thank you my four knights in shining armor: Udipta, Pulak, Kanna and Dinesh. Don’t know what I would have done without you all. You literally relieved me of all tensions, from taking care of car arrangements to making all of my guests feel welcomed and cared for! I must include Sam as well here, although you arrived late and went back early (you missed out on the real fun…wait for the photographs in the second part). Also Bhaskar, even if you ditched me by being on the groom’s side (so no photos as of now), I must thank you as well. If this event was a success, 50 per cent of the credit goes to you guys, especially to Udipta for leading on ;). Thanks for bearing with all the inconveniences without even a slight ‘ouch’. My family is already missing you all a lot. And yes, Uma mentioned in her email to me that “from Berlin to Bangalore- you have a truly impressive ‘gang’ of friends” 😉 Imagine the amount of charm you spread!

My childhood buddy, the commander of the gang! Thanks for everything!
And he managed to fall asleep wherever he found some space! 😀
Aaditya and me
Thank you for everything!
Pulak and me
Will value your guidance and especially the advice you gave as we parted at the airport. Thank you for being there!


Sam, Pulak, Udipta and me

Aaditya, Dinesh, Pandian, yeliz and me
It was absolutely wonderful seeing the three musketeers wearing the veshti! Thank you guys for keeping my request 🙂
Pulak, Ankur and Sam
Pulak, you finally managed to have the Pathaan look and along with the attitude 😀

Friends intently watching Juron

Friends taking care of groom
And last but not least… thanks for taking care of the groom for the bride 😉 Chayan and I are lucky to have you all.


Thank you sis cum bestie: for always being there, for never questioning my steps and having faith in me, for the wishes and prayers and for the ‘almost daily’ dozes of bugging 😉 

Subasana and me in Juron
Love you!

Thank you Anee and Ayantika (you were missed at the wedding), Srujana, Titu, Anjaly for giving me such a beautiful bachelorette party. When the journey begins with as wonderful a surprise as this…


…it means that more beautiful surprises are on their way. Anee, kudos to you girl, for eliciting the responses to those questions from Chayan 😀 I had fun!

collage bachelorette

Titu, Srujana and Anjaly before Juron

Srujana, Titu, Anjaly and me in my reception

Thank you Sabiha and Rituraj, for lighting up the whole atmosphere with your cheerfulness, and for your love…






Thank you Ajit, Uma, Karthik, Yeliz, Shalini and Purva for your presence and for your appreciations. I am glad you enjoyed 🙂 



Yeliz, Karthik and me

Purva, Shalini and me

Thanks to my family for managing everything in the best way they could within a short period of time. I can assure you that this event of my life taught me why ‘family’ is important. Perhaps, it’s an essential realization when a couple is on their way towards building a new family. Special thanks to Apu da and Roon, for always having faith on me and my choice and for loving Chayan since the day I introduced him to you.

Thanks for this supposedly pre-wedding shot, Roon 😀 Love you!
Apu da and me
Thank you for being more like my own brother than a cousin. Love you.

With family during my reception





Two bou



With cousins
Thanks cousins!!
With in laws family
And before I end this part… Thanks to my new family!!


When the best of friends and the cousins team up, the bride and groom are the ones who get the most joy out of it. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful team and for taking care of literally everything with a smile on the face…

With cousins and friends





Sabiha, Rituraj and my cousins

Cousins and friends during reception

Thank you all for the enthusiastic participation: beginning from 3rd evening till the wee hours of 5th morning and for the appreciation and wishes. Waiting for the photographs. Will upload them once I receive them from all the photographers 😉 but for now we have these (in a sequence):

3rd February: Arrival of the first batch of guests

3rd Feb Traditional Dinner (2)


3rd February: Traditional dinner

3rd Feb Traditional Dinner (6)3rd Feb Traditional Dinner (5)3rd Feb Traditional Dinner (4)3rd Feb Traditional Dinner (3)3rd Feb Traditional Dinner (1)


4th February: Juron

Juron aaha



Mother in law and me in Juron (2)




4th February: Bathing ceremony

Whoever has more photos please email them to me! Either the photographers weren’t aware of the event or they weren’t allowed!


4th February: Pani tula ceremony before groom’s arrival




4th February: Groom’s arrival

Grooms arrival (2)
Shower of rice

Grooms arrival (3)

Grooms arrival (4)

Grooms arrival (5)

Grooms arrival (6)Grooms arrival (7)Grooms arrival (8)

Dora and Xokhi
Dora and Xokhi 🙂 Thank you Pranjal for the promise of being the brother-in-law forever!

Although it’s considered a duty of the family to take care of guests, to see the family doing the same with pleasure is a thing of joy… thanks for that!



But seeing them wait for the last rituals, trying hard not to doze off completely gives more joy 🙂




                  THANK YOU

Tale of Twelve Nights

Kanna, Dinesh, Pulak and Udipta thank you so much for giving us company right from day 1 (30th of January) to day 12 (10th of February), from helping my father with the shopping to the end of all ceremonies and celebration. Can’t thank you enough for making each day special, by being my family instead of just close friends. Will remember seeing the supermoon together (the once-in-150-years one :D), the late night talks over bonfire and the planning sessions; the Tamil songs vs. Punjabi folk music sessions 😉 , the noisy lunches and ‘laage’ and ‘naalaage’s and most of all the laughter that made the house lively each time it echoed 😀

Thank you so much for these moments (8th and 9th February):






Berry games!





Sugarcane thieves 😀






Ahem! Ahem! ;P




















 These have been the happiest 12 days of my life till date… thank you guys! 

Let me end by sharing with you all the pictures of part of the house, which some of you perhaps had a glimpse of when it was in a rather messy state. Also, you will see your gifts being put to proper use 😀 Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts! 








I might have missed out thanking some of you… Bijit da, Bistirna da, I don’t have the pictures I clicked with you all yet. Nevertheless, will always remember your roles in our life and the wishes. Thanks for being there to share our joy. Lastly, I take the opportunity through this occasion to thank each and every friend and family member of mine with whom I have had some good memories in the last 30 years of my life, and whose company has, intentionally or unintentionally, contributed to my wisdom and contentment. Love you all!

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