Soothing Touches of the Blue-White Combination

Amazon Blue

The Flower in Your Garden

Amazon Blue or Brazilian Snapdragon is a common garden flower in many regions in the southern hemisphere countries, but its significance as a garden, border or a hedge plant is only known to those who have grown it in masses.

Its vibrant purplish blue hue adds life to an informal landscape/garden design, both in a dual color scheme with white flowers like Peace Lily or White Roses, or in a multicolour scheme.

Since it branches well in the upper portion, in a layered scheme of gardening, it can be grown in one of the middle rows, just below taller and greener shrubs. It grows to about one meter height and loves the sun. It doesn’t hate rains as well, as it blooms profusely during monsoon and autumn in many regions.

Edibility and Uses

Scientifically known as Otacanthus Caeruleus (olden days) and Achetaria Azurea (presently), its ayurvedic qualities are not known much in India, as it is not a native plant. However, the leaves exude a strong fragrance that resembles the scent of eucalyptus and camphor when crushed or when the plant is pruned.

Does it Suit Your Personality?

These blue flowers, when combined with white ones, prove to be source of calm for people who have compulsive tendencies, are restless and find it hard to concentrate on one task at a time.

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