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I am Casually Classical. I am from the old school crowd, often nostalgic about what we have lost, or in the process of losing – beautiful ways of coexisting with wild nature. Yes, wild nature. Not the man made ones we witness today. Sadly, we are also losing our intimacy with ourselves, our sensitivity. My writings, mostly travelogues, occasionally poetry, fiction, essays, are a reflection of my thoughts expressed casually on classical topics.

Originally the website was named ‘Halftones’ to mean that the content is about life in general, something between the darker and lighter shades of life. It has been renamed to Casually Classical when I started sharing my blogs in Instagram. I hope my content resonates with the subscribers of this blog and readers, and help each one of us grow beautifully in an otherwise confusing and chaotic life.

You may contact me at classicalcasually@gmail.com or else you can leave a message using the form below…


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