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Casually Classical is my personal website: a collection of written pieces on my varied interests, assembled in one platform. The interests include creative writing, literature and movies, travelling, nature and ecology, rural farmer’s lifestyle, health and healing, landscape design and gardening, and astrology (with a combined Vedic astrology and astro-psychological approach).

Originally the website was named ‘Halftones’ to mean that the content is about life in general, something between the darker and lighter shades of life. It has been renamed to Casually Classical when I decided to shift from just being a hobby blogger to an active digital creator. Since most of the content is old school in nature, often reflecting my belief in traditional knowledge, and yet presented in casual styles and narrative, I decided to go with something easy like ‘casually classical’. I hope my content resonates with lot of my followers and readers, and help each one grow beautifully in an otherwise confusing and chaotic life.

You may contact me at classicalcasually@gmail.com or else you can leave a message using the form below…


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