Allegory of the Window

Through the glass, dimly, they appeared like a repeated motion film... The bitch gave birth to four puppies. Gender unknown; they all looked alike, except for a swop of brown, black and waxen shades and some flesh between the four. The dog who fathered them stayed closer and played with them. On some early mornings,... Continue Reading →

waning moon woods

We lingered a little longer, Caught in a white moment. As the leaves fluttered, there Outside the window, and the letters From the beige pages Waltzed through the hush, they Caressed our eyes; Eyes beholden by the Countless suns that were caught there too, In that white moment. And some unfading wonders. We were lost.... Continue Reading →

Flawed beauty

Behold a flawed beauty, If not for its embedded piety, to which the eyes close in reverence For the perfection that was there; that is still there, Look! that is still there!   

A Modern Silhouette

It stood there, beneath the amorphous space, Cold to the moon appearing from the west, A spotty bowl of doused fire It stood there, unaware of the succinct effigy of another scorching fire Beyond the window bars of its neighbour’s scullery Beckoning the dusk It stood there, unmoved by the fleeting incipient silence Caused by... Continue Reading →

A Lullaby and the Touch

On that platform of Boisterous peddling, dreary banters and whining crowd Your chuckle appeared like a lullaby, Drifting me away to infinity And your fingers Spread across my palm, Can a touch be softer than a cotton bale? Who were you, my little darling? Did you know me, from another time, perchance? I was just... Continue Reading →

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