Crossings and Convergence

In that world, where we were first introduced I laid my eyes on a poem The beginnings of a blue, tender. We prepared to play you in me, and I learnt Poetry is more than stroking this tapestry- Life? In this world, where beauty is in dawns never meeting Twilights And the pond the sky,... Continue Reading →


At a distance, the timeless breaths and shadows stills in the eternal wait and the weight of the world stills in the kites’ cries. The sky, trapped in a drop, turns into a song. In the circles of a ripple, I see my known. There I’ll merge.

the white spirit

It was mid-morning. The realization that all the bridges have been burnt, except for creation’s, crawls out of an uncompromised living; of accrued guilt over not-working; of confusion over the authenticity of the guilt. The wind carried the world’s sadness and the music the call of the world. There was no loneliness. Only absences. There... Continue Reading →

Death of ‘nous’

I think we failed to tell us something Something that should have made space Betwixt the silences And yet unbound quietly; come and go Without imprints, without stabbing. But forced silences do not leave space They are louder than words, They stab until I am no more you and you me.

Flawed beauty

Behold a flawed beauty, If not for its embedded piety, to which the eyes close in reverence For the perfection that was there; that is still there, Look! that is still there!   

those settled layers between you and me

  Dust from ages gather; thicken and glues to the breath. The breath doesn't reach existence; it disappears somewhere in between life and living and yet I breathe, yet I exist. The eyes seek to gaze within, to see where the breath disappears. Fingers itch to strip off the layers but they halt halfway, remembering... Continue Reading →

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