age of affluence, eidolons of emotions

We saw it coming easy: the stage set, chairs laid out for millions of audience, and our fingers equipped to give us thousand shapes in seconds. There are thousand doors too, which would readily open for us, because it is no age of Aladdin’s cave of wonder; nor have we waited for our husbands to... Continue Reading →


  The eternity of a farewell rests in their love. Time loves Lacuna but all they say to each other is farewell. They are ever bidding farewell to each other and in farewells they exist. Time relentlessly runs from the past to the future: past-future, past-future, past-future... The ending of one farewell is the beginning... Continue Reading →

under a frozen sun

People say times have changed. I still see toads lying flat on the roads in the monsoons. Their joyous leaps put to an end maybe by some breakneck conveyance, before they could reach their sanctuaries safely. Rains still come down to these sanctuaries like ever: demented! Thousands of invisible light-footed spiders gambol on the buoyant... Continue Reading →

dawns which never arrive

One night I left the jar; the one with a miasma from mold growth, besides the wash basin for the next dawn to arrive when I would have definitely washed it. The dawn never arrived and I didn’t wash it. Someone did after four and half months. Maybe my mother on one of her visits... Continue Reading →

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