Questioning Shadows. Murmuring Prayers.

vanity. the thought that knocked every time. romance seldom held the dock. childhood scurried past with morsels of self-consciousness biting from the future. and the future? a dark mass of self-doubt squirming into a mudstone rolling and rolling across the years, mustering fears turning vain. vanity.   suffering. the feeling always left behind. incessant rains,... Continue Reading →


I have come to this path; on Your released tresses I walk Bearing a cross in my heart My scents disappear Once more I live For you. For you I would walk on this Path. Tales harden me Not; nor waters soften Me. Let me see to your pains Through a mirror no more mine.

উচৰ্গা: An ode to beauty

আমি ক’ত আছিলোঁ   থকা নথকাৰ নীৰৱ সন্মোহনত আমি নাছিলোঁ      ক্ৰমে উজ্বল হৈ উঠা আকাশৰ প্ৰথম তৰাটো মই দেখিলো ধুই দিয়া সাজযোৰ সামৰাৰ দৰে বিয়লিপৰত আমাকো সামৰি আনি সযতনে দিনটো নৈ খনৰ বুকুত সোমাই পৰা দেখিলো কাক উচৰ্গা কৰিছিলোঁ কালৈ বা উত্সৰ্গিত হৈছিলোঁ অন্তহীন সৃষ্টিৰ শ্বাশ্বত গৰ্ভজাত আৰু এটা দিনলে বিদায় জনাইছিলোঁ এক সুদূৰৰ... Continue Reading →


At a distance, the timeless breaths and shadows stills in the eternal wait and the weight of the world stills in the kites’ cries. The sky, trapped in a drop, turns into a song. In the circles of a ripple, I see my known. There I’ll merge.

নিলগৰ গান

তোমাৰ চকুৰ পতাই কঢিয়ায় সমুদ্ৰ-গৰ্ভস্থ  এক বিষাদ নে পাগলাদিয়াৰ ওপৰৰ স্থিৰ সেমেকা বতাহজাক য’ৰ পৰা নামে এই চিনাকি অচিনাকি ৰাষ্টাটো মোৰ বুকুলৈ পলকত দেখো সত্ত্বা বিয়পি পৰা এটি পোহৰ আৰু বহু হাহাকাৰ মই পাগলদিয়া পাৰ হ’ওঁ নেদেখা পাগলদিয়া পাগলদিয়াৰ কহুৱনিত মোৰ চিৰ-পৰিচিত, হেৰুৱাই পোৱা হুমুনিয়াহবোৰে জিৰণি লয় আমাৰ মাজত থিয় দিয়ে নিলগৰ সুগন্ধই বুকুৱেদি উজাই... Continue Reading →

waning moon woods

We lingered a little longer, Caught in a white moment. As the leaves fluttered, there Outside the window, and the letters From the beige pages Waltzed through the hush, they Caressed our eyes; Eyes beholden by the Countless suns that were caught there too, In that white moment. And some unfading wonders. We were lost.... Continue Reading →

Where Music Reigns: Dharamkot

Waking up to the scent of fresh mint and to a concerto grosso orchestrated by the warbles of the little birds, the mellow of a Spanish guitar drifting from a distance and the rhythmic fall of rain drops, is not an everyday happening. But in Dharamkot, a small village in Himachal Pradesh, it grew on... Continue Reading →

Death of ‘nous’

I think we failed to tell us something Something that should have made space Betwixt the silences And yet unbound quietly; come and go Without imprints, without stabbing. But forced silences do not leave space They are louder than words, They stab until I am no more you and you me.

Flawed beauty

Behold a flawed beauty, If not for its embedded piety, to which the eyes close in reverence For the perfection that was there; that is still there, Look! that is still there!   

An Anecdote

The morning saunters through the small rusted gate, halts, captivated at the shrieks; ever animated, of bats and balls and hide and seek and at the gurgles of freedom, of long awaited vacations. While the local Jezebel dwelling in the daunting Jackfruit tree in the backyard; who gets maddened by torch light, the product of... Continue Reading →

A Modern Silhouette

It stood there, beneath the amorphous space, Cold to the moon appearing from the west, A spotty bowl of doused fire It stood there, unaware of the succinct effigy of another scorching fire Beyond the window bars of its neighbour’s scullery Beckoning the dusk It stood there, unmoved by the fleeting incipient silence Caused by... Continue Reading →

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