I am a rolling stone: after high school, I don’t remember staying at a place for more than three years and on top of that I need constant change when it comes to a place, so I travel at least once in three months for at least a week, although I prefer slow travelling. Even as a child I used to travel frequently with my parents: maybe the streak remained and intensified over time. Travelling lent me what books alone couldn’t; more than once both complemented each other. For instance, I liked the story Even They Climbed The Hill so much, I wanted to visit the hills and that virgin village: Smit myself. I did end up there one cloudy day in July 2015, against the warnings of my well-wishers; it’s considered too remote and old-world for the peace of a modern mind. On other occasions, travelling led me to meet people and encounter new thoughts, which roused  in me enough curiosity to read more existing material on those new subjects, and later think and act on them. I believe the movement from one place to another and experiencing the life and air of different places grant us the knowledge and wisdom, which no other mean can render. The more one travels with a strong heart and an open mind, the more one grows as a person.

A travel journal is something I have always been carrying around with me; scribbling my observations, experiences, and feelings whenever I got a moment. However, here I’ll be updating only chosen accounts; pieces which I feel fitting to the essence of the website.