Epilogue to Her Fancies

In her childhood Beth often listened to her granny’s wondrous tales, as she rested on a cot under the starlit skies... “...and the fox turns into a huge gourd, it slopes down swiftly through the dense jungles to reach me...” Nine times out of ten she fell asleep before the story ended; her night a... Continue Reading →

To a John Keats of Today

  O Love,   Why’d you wait with bated breath? For your Bright Star: a glimpse, a word, a dewy-eyed kiss? The romance has gone, my friend, the winds restrained It is Love that’s lost; it is Love that we miss   No one looks up at the moon these days Neither praises the sun... Continue Reading →


  ए फ़क़ीर, तू अपनी सुना अंजाम-ए-कहानी होठों पे ला   तू भी था ख़ौफ़ों और शकों की बेचैनियों में बंधा? या... सहसा, दुआओं की ऐसी भीड़ लगी लफ़्ज़ ही नीलाम हो गए अब्र-ए-मोहब्बत में   हम भी ठहरे फ़क़ीर, पर ईमान से परे कायर लफ़्ज़ न मिले तो मोहब्बत बेच दिया   कई साल... Continue Reading →

Suspended in Space

(I) The night drew out on his last words. Silence, like a palm reddened in vermillion, Tenderly touched and left its print on a new leaf. It’ll die with the mark, will it not? (II) Many a winter stumbled Over the heap of results of someone else’s Perplexed senses. Questions to answers or maybe answers... Continue Reading →

the mad man

what in us the teaching thorn the hardened rock the wonted morn for him the swaying of a tender leaf in his heart and he dreaming of suns far from our sight; moments which lost their light in our lives, for him, the delights of delight unfading they made their homes in his mind and... Continue Reading →


  The eternity of a farewell rests in their love. Time loves Lacuna but all they say to each other is farewell. They are ever bidding farewell to each other and in farewells they exist. Time relentlessly runs from the past to the future: past-future, past-future, past-future... The ending of one farewell is the beginning... Continue Reading →

পৰ্বত শিখৰৰ অনিত্য সেই ফুলবোৰ

সপোনত চৰি ফুৰা সাৰংগজাক উদ্ধাস্তু হ'ল  ভাওঁনা আৰম্ভ নহওঁতেই  হাতত সাৰে ভৰিত সাৰে সূত্ৰধাৰে  কাণৰ কাষত দি গ'ল বোধন মন্ত্ৰ তাৰ পিছত কোমল ৰ'দজাকে ক'লে সন্ধিয়াৰ বন্তিগছিয়ে ক'লে মূক কবিৰ ক্ৰন্দনেও ক'লে এনুৱা সোঁতত নৈয়েও মূৰে-ভৰি কাঢ়ে বুকুত পাখী গজিলে হেনো বান আহে  কিমানৰ বুকুতে যে পাখী গজে নাৱৰীয়াৰ তলি উদং নাৱে কৰে তুলুং-ভুটুং পৰ্বতৰ... Continue Reading →

hope Beckett is not turning in his grave!

The term ‘research’ being in itself so momentous, a research journal supposedly should be filled with scholarly ramblings or field observations. My journal, however, also contains a section on memories. While memories are necessarily selective and private, we are not unknown to their pleasures when shared... So here’s a glimpse of a memory from my... Continue Reading →

under a frozen sun

People say times have changed. I still see toads lying flat on the roads in the monsoons. Their joyous leaps put to an end maybe by some breakneck conveyance, before they could reach their sanctuaries safely. Rains still come down to these sanctuaries like ever: demented! Thousands of invisible light-footed spiders gambol on the buoyant... Continue Reading →


सदा एक काया मात्र । तुफानी बादलो को बाहो में समेटे बंदर को तकती बिस्मित अस्थिर । असहाय प्रकृती की चीरंतन चींख जैसे अपने लहू में लिये चलती, सम्भलति- सम्भालती थक जाती ।   क्षणिक स्त्ता से परिचित । गलते लोहे की बूंद में तैरती एक तरनी ओस की पहली अंकुरित पंखुरि में दिया जलाये... Continue Reading →

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