Publication Portfolio


An Essay on Anime of Isao Takahata in Cafe Dissensus [February 2016]

Landscape in the Mist in Cafe Dissensus [November 2015]

On Wong Kar Wai’s Cinema in Cafe Dissensus [September 2015]

The Band’s Visit in Cafe Dissensus [August 2015]


Guest Author

Manjhi The Mountain Man in Cinema Axis [October 2015]

Essay on Maya Deren in Cinema Axis [November 2015]

Bajirao Mastani in Cinema Axis [January 2016]

Citizen Journalism

Gender Sensitisation: What Fate Awaits a Woman [2008]

waterfalls as potential alternative sources for hydro electricity in northeast india [republished, July 2017]

tourism industry in sikkim boon or bane [republished, August 2017]


Newspaper *

Translated story ‘Even They Climbed The Hill’ by Xaurav Kumar Chaliha in The Sunday  Mélange of The Sentinel, Assam. 8th July, 2018. Even They Climbed The Hill

Short Story ‘Epilogue to Her Fancies’ (reprinted) in The Sunday Mélange of The Sentinel, Assam. 22nd July, 2018. Epilogue to Her Fancies

Short Story ‘Her Quiet Lover and Their Road’ in The Sunday Mélange of The Sentinel, Assam. 5th August, 2018. Her Quiet Lover and Their Road

* Some images taken from different sources online and due credit is given to their original sources.