Dreams, Demons and Frost Flowers

Colourful flowers graced her bright white nightie and she glided with an angelic aura, as she made way through the light, the brilliance of it keeping me from opening my eyes, carrying her daughter in her arms, smiling, playing, laughing, smiling again with eyes full of gratitude. “What were you like?” Like the morning star.... Continue Reading →


The eucalyptuses swayed, embraced and kissed, and swayed away. The wind blew harder and they swayed again, this time embracing each other for a longer moment before they swayed apart. On the backyard, I stood amidst the bamboos and wilderness, withdrawn from the world, my eyes following the movements of the two eucalyptuses. The wind... Continue Reading →

To a John Keats of Today

  O Love,   Why’d you wait with bated breath? For your Bright Star: a glimpse, a word, a dewy-eyed kiss? The romance has gone, my friend, the winds restrained It is Love that’s lost; it is Love that we miss   No one looks up at the moon these days Neither praises the sun... Continue Reading →


  ए फ़क़ीर, तू अपनी सुना अंजाम-ए-कहानी होठों पे ला   तू भी था ख़ौफ़ों और शकों की बेचैनियों में बंधा? या... सहसा, दुआओं की ऐसी भीड़ लगी लफ़्ज़ ही नीलाम हो गए अब्र-ए-मोहब्बत में   हम भी ठहरे फ़क़ीर, पर ईमान से परे कायर लफ़्ज़ न मिले तो मोहब्बत बेच दिया   कई साल... Continue Reading →

the mad man

what in us the teaching thorn the hardened rock the wonted morn for him the swaying of a tender leaf in his heart and he dreaming of suns far from our sight; moments which lost their light in our lives, for him, the delights of delight unfading they made their homes in his mind and... Continue Reading →

dawns which never arrive

One night I left the jar; the one with a miasma from mold growth, besides the wash basin for the next dawn to arrive when I would have definitely washed it. The dawn never arrived and I didn’t wash it. Someone did after four and half months. Maybe my mother on one of her visits... Continue Reading →

নিলগৰ গান

তোমাৰ চকুৰ পতাই কঢিয়ায় সমুদ্ৰ-গৰ্ভস্থ  এক বিষাদ নে পাগলাদিয়াৰ ওপৰৰ স্থিৰ সেমেকা বতাহজাক য’ৰ পৰা নামে এই চিনাকি অচিনাকি ৰাষ্টাটো মোৰ বুকুলৈ পলকত দেখো সত্ত্বা বিয়পি পৰা এটি পোহৰ আৰু বহু হাহাকাৰ মই পাগলদিয়া পাৰ হ’ওঁ নেদেখা পাগলদিয়া পাগলদিয়াৰ কহুৱনিত মোৰ চিৰ-পৰিচিত, হেৰুৱাই পোৱা হুমুনিয়াহবোৰে জিৰণি লয় আমাৰ মাজত থিয় দিয়ে নিলগৰ সুগন্ধই বুকুৱেদি উজাই... Continue Reading →

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