Gupute Gupute by Bhupen Hazarika

How long shall we play this game of embraces in ensconce

Let’s set asunder in the sky; the wind, the feast of our pleasure


Beloved, let’s show the society and ethos

Let’s not conceal the oceanic depth of our two hearts.

Should there be any sin in the springtime of life; can light be locked 

Do the waves ever ignore the sea?


Your eyes; the petals of your bosom

Every vision; a beauty, every caress; a longing

Beloved, open those doors and windows of the sealed house today; open them

No need of this sobriety anymore; of displaying grace

Is there any rule for love; can a storm be confined?

Can the dawn be veiled with swags of shame? 

 The Original Song

Gupute Gupute kimaan khelim aalingonor ei khela

Sotiau aaha aakaxe botahe, duyure rongore mela

Xomaj aru Xanaskarak dekhuau aaha priya

Lukai nothoi aamar dukhon xagoror dore hiya

Joubanat janu paap thake; prokash janu bondho thake

Lohore janu xagorok kore kahaniu obohela?

Tumar nayan juri, tumar bukur papori

Proti saoni suoni, proti porosh laoni

Bondho ghoror khiriki duar khula aaji priya khula

Nalage aaru dekhuabo aaji xalinota srinkhola

Moromot janu niyam thake, dhumuhar janu paridhi thake

Prabhatok janu dhakibo pari pindhai lajor mala?

[Translated in September, 2012]